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American Hip-Hop Stars Choose Cali for Medical and Dental Procedures


Hip-Hop Stars Dental Procedures cali
Cali emerges as a top choice for American hip-hop stars seeking medical and dental care – Credit: ColombiaOne

In a trend within Colombia’s medical tourism industry, Cali has become a key destination for American hip-hop artists seeking specialized medical and dental care. This shift in preference is exemplified by the recent visits of influential figures like Rick Ross and other prominent artists, spotlighting Cali’s expertise in healthcare and its tourist appeal.

Rick Ross chooses Cali for dental work

Rick Ross, the American rapper known for his significant influence in the hip-hop world, recently landed in Cali aboard his private jet. The artist wasn’t just visiting for leisure; he was there for a dental procedure with Mario Montoya, a well-respected specialist in the field. This visit was highlighted by Mabel Lara, Cali’s Secretary of Tourism, who emphasized both the artist’s impressive career and Cali’s status as a destination for specialized treatments.

The presence of Rick Ross in Cali was not an isolated event. Kiari Kendrell Cephus, better known as Offset, also visited the city, seeking services from the same dental specialist. Offset, accompanied by his partner, the renowned Cardi B, who underwent cosmetic procedures, further added to the city’s allure. The couple stayed in the Pance area, and were also sighted at a well-known shopping center in South Cali, further highlighting the city’s appeal to high-profile visitors

Cali’s growing reputation for medical and aesthetic expertise

The visits of these prominent figures in the American hip-hop and rap scene – Rick Ross, Offset, and Cardi B – are not merely about celebrity sightings. They signify a broader trend, highlighting Cali as a reference point not only for dental services but also for medical and aesthetic treatments. The city’s ability to attract such high-profile individuals for health and wellness purposes underscores its capabilities and standards in these sectors

In response to this growing trend, Cali is poised to host the inaugural edition of the Medical Tourism Summit, scheduled for September 24 to 26 this year. This event is designed to showcase the city’s prowess in the medical and aesthetic services sector, aiming to attract more visitors and professionals from around the world. The summit is anticipated to bolster Cali’s status as a premier destination for medical tourism, capitalizing on the recent exposure brought by visits from international celebrities.

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