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Five Best Football Teams in Colombia


Best Five Football Teams Colombia
These five football teams represent the heart and soul of Colombian football. Credit: Wallpaperflare/Public domain

Colombia is a nation fervently passionate about soccer. With a massive following and extensive media coverage, the sport has become a vital entertainment industry. Over the years, Colombia has witnessed the rise of football clubs that have not only dominated the local scene but also made their mark internationally.

1. Atletico Nacional: The King of Cups

Founded in 1935 in the neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Medellin, Atletico Nacional is undoubtedly one of Colombia’s football giants. With an impressive tally of 29 national and international titles, they have earned their nickname as “The King of Cups.” Their remarkable success includes both domestic and international championships, making them the most successful club in Colombia’s football history.

2. Millonarios: The Pride of Bogota

Millonarios, based in Bogota, D.C, embarked on its football journey in 1920, officially registering as a club in 1946. This iconic team, affectionately known as “Millos,” boasts an impressive collection of 20 titles. Among their achievements is the conquest of the continental stage, winning the Simon Bolivar Cup and the final edition of the Copa Merconorte.

3. America de Cali: The Eternal Rivals

Founded in 1927, America de Cali, often referred to as “La Mechita,” “Los Diablos Rojos,” or “Las Escarlatas,” is one of Colombia’s oldest and most successful football clubs. With 17 official titles, they have a storied history, including 14 Categoria Primera A championships. Their intense rivalry with Millonarios, known as the “Supercl√°sico,” adds to their allure.

4. Deportivo Cali: The Glorious

Deportivo Cali, initially established in 1912 as Cali Football Club, is another prominent team from Cali. Widely recognized as “Los Verdiblancos” (The Green and Whites), they have clinched 11 titles to secure their place in the top five. Their journey began with winning eight departmental titles before transitioning to the professional league, where they claimed the prestigious Colombia Cup.

5. Independiente Santa Fe: The Pioneers

Independiente Santa Fe, founded on February 18, 1941, holds a special place in Colombian football history. Established by a group of graduates from the Modern Gym in Bogota, they are one of the oldest and most traditional clubs in the country. With 17 official titles to their name, Santa Fe is celebrated for being the first professional champion in Colombian soccer.

These five football teams represent the heart and soul of Colombian football. Their rich history, fierce rivalries, and unwavering fan support have made them legendary institutions in the sport. Whether you’re watching a thrilling Clasico or witnessing a historic championship victory, Colombian football never fails to deliver excitement and passion, thanks to these iconic clubs.

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