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Colombia Witnesses Significant Rise in Divorce Rates


Colombia Rise in Divorce Rates
divorce certificate. credit: Karolina Grabowska

In Colombia, a notable shift in marital trends is evident in 2023, with an increase in divorce rates compared to the previous year, as reported by Eduardo Durán Gómez, president of the Colombian Collegiate Notary Union (UCNC). By September’s end, the country has seen an average of 4.1 divorces per hour, equating to approximately 99 daily, totaling 17,914 divorces this year

Carolina Alarcón, a member of the board of directors of the notary college, points out a growing likelihood that Colombian couples will terminate their marital bonds. “There is an increasing acceptance of ending the marital bond among Colombian couples,” says Alarcón.

Javier Arroyave, a Colombian citizen, shares his perspective: “I think there is no longer a mindset for a home; I believe people don’t want to make a commitment to stay with someone.” These words reflect a potential transformation in attitudes toward family life in Colombian society.

Interestingly, individuals between 30 and 40 years old are the ones who have opted for separation the most. This trend is reflected in regional statistics, with Bogota being the city with the highest number of registered divorces (3,596), followed by Valle del Cauca (2,962), Antioquia (1,999), Santander (1,421), Atlántico (962), Cundinamarca (842), and Risaralda (812).

On the other hand, some regions show significantly lower figures, such as Amazonas (1), Archipelago of San Andrés and Providencia (3), Vaupés (4), Vichada (4), and Guainía (5).

This rising trend in Colombian divorces highlights a significant shift in the country’s marital landscape, signaling evolving societal attitudes and values. The continued observation of these trends will be vital in understanding their broader implications for Colombian society.

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