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Puerto Colombia to Create Mangrove Ecopark


Puerto Colombia recovered mangrove areas
Puerto Colombia successfully recovered mangrove areas. credit: alobos life/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Puerto Colombia, situated on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, has initiated the restoration of its mangrove areas. This project, a component of the broader Malecon del Mar development, focuses on ecosystem preservation, enhancing sustainable tourism, and improving infrastructure. The project includes the Mangrove Ecopark, reflecting a commitment to environmental conservation at both local and national levels.

The restoration, integral to the Malecon del Mar project, is designed to boost tourism with new amenities such as the organized Fisherman’s Beach, the International Gastronomic Center, the Atlantic Season Market, the main square of Puerto Colombia, and the dock.

The initial phase has concentrated on the environmental rehabilitation of the mangroves, which involved clearing pollutants and installing 600 meters of protective fencing. The project also extended to reclaim a nearby lot, creating a buffer zone for the mangroves and enhancing environmental conservation in the region.

Impact on Community and Environment

Fary Gonzalez, a local environmental leader, underscored the ecological importance of mangroves, highlighting their role in supporting both human communities and wildlife, including species like the blue crab and mangrove fox. The project also aims to provide a natural space for public recreation.

This initiative in Puerto Colombia aligns with wider conservation objectives and demonstrates the municipality’s commitment to sustainable practices. It serves as a model for other regions in Colombia, showing how community-led environmental projects can balance development with ecological stewardship. The mangrove restoration efforts in Puerto Colombia emphasize the importance of community involvement in fostering both ecological and economic well-being.

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