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A Culinary Embassy: Elcielo D.C.’s Third Michelin Triumph


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In a remarkable achievement for Colombian gastronomy, Elcielo Washington D.C., led by the renowned Colombian chef Juan Manuel Barrientos, has once again secured its place in the prestigious Michelin Guide for 2023. This marks the third consecutive year that Elcielo Washington, the first Colombian restaurant in the world to receive a Michelin star, has maintained this esteemed recognition.

A Culinary Journey from Colombia to the World Stage

Founded 15 years ago by Chef Barrientos, Elcielo Hospitality Group, which includes restaurants and hotels in Medellín, Bogotá, Miami, and Washington D.C., has been a pioneer in showcasing modern Colombian cuisine. Elcielo Washington, which opened its doors in September 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, stands out for its innovative approach, blending neuroscience with local ingredients to create sensory and gastronomic experiences that highlight Colombian culture and traditions.

A Tribute to Colombian Talent and Flavors

Chef Barrientos dedicates this achievement to the hospitality industry in Colombia and the over 400 employees of Elcielo. He views the restaurant as a culinary embassy of Colombia in the United States, transforming simple ingredients into extraordinary experiences. The recognition by the Michelin Guide is not just for the restaurant but a homage to Colombia, showcasing the nation’s culinary excellence on a global platform.

An Experience Beyond Dining

Elcielo Washington offers two tasting menu formats: The Journey (12 dishes) and The Experience (21 dishes), priced at $198 and $258 per person, respectively. These menus are a geographical journey through Colombian flavors, employing avant-garde techniques to evoke emotions through all five senses. Signature experiences include the coffee plantation and the iconic chocolate therapy, where guests engage in a ritual of washing their hands with liquid chocolate and coffee.

A Symbol of Colombian Pride in the Heart of New York

In a significant move, Club Colombia announced a strategic collaboration with Chef Barrientos for 2024, celebrating this milestone by featuring the chef on one of the screens in Times Square, New York. This gesture not only honors Chef Barrientos’s achievements but also elevates Colombian culinary art on the world stage.

Elcielo D.C.: A Beacon of Colombian Gastronomy

With two dining rooms accommodating 60 guests, Elcielo D.C. offers an intimate and immersive dining experience. The restaurant’s design and menu reflect a deep respect for Colombian heritage, creatively reinterpreted to appeal to a global audience.

Elcielo Washington’s continued recognition by the Michelin Guide is a testament to the evolving and dynamic nature of Colombian cuisine. It represents a significant stride in introducing Colombian flavors to the world and stands as a source of national pride, showcasing the rich culinary heritage of Colombia.

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