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Chocoramo: The Chocolate-Covered Cake Colombians Are Obsessed With


Colombian Chocoramo
Credit: Ramo

In the heart of Colombia’s culinary history lies a beloved treat, known to every Colombian by its distinctive orange wrapper – Chocoramo. This chocolate-covered cake has not only conquered the palates of Colombians but has also left an indelible mark on the nation’s culinary heritage.

The tale of Chocoramo dates back to 1950 when a couple of passionate entrepreneurs, Don Rafael Molano and his wife, Ana Luisa Camacho, embarked on a journey in the department of Boyaca. Their dream was to create delicious homemade cakes, and thus, they established a small cake business, naming it Ramo.

Unbeknownst to them, this venture would become the birthplace of one of Colombia’s most cherished desserts. Rooted in their love for baking and unwavering dedication, Don Rafael and Ana Luisa set the stage for their future success.

The fundamental recipe for their delectable cakes had its origins in the family; it was a cherished family recipe. Don Rafael Molano’s mother shared this culinary gem with her daughter-in-law, Ana Luisa, who, with great care, began crafting these exquisite cakes. Don Rafael took charge of selling them to his fellow workers at the Bavaria factory.

As the reputation of Ramo’s cakes began to spread across Boyaca, the couple decided to expand their horizons and share their creations with other regions of Colombia. Their ambition led them to open their first production plant in the department of Antioquia in 1967. The overwhelming success they achieved in this region fueled their aspirations, prompting them to continue expanding. Just two years later, they established another plant, this time in Mosquera, Cundinamarca.

The Birth of Chocoramo: A Game-Changer

Ramo was already renowned for its delicious homemade cakes, but it was in 1972 that a pivotal moment occurred, forever changing the brand’s destiny. One of Don Rafael Molano’s sons had an ingenious idea – to envelop the Gala cake in a layer of rich chocolate. This innovative concept would eventually become the unmistakable hallmark of Chocoramo. It was Don Olimpo Lopez, a dedicated baker at Ramo, who turned this idea into reality by meticulously coating a slice of Gala cake with a layer of chocolate.

Initially, the idea faced challenges. The chocolate proved too heavy for the delicate cake, causing it to crumble. However, Lopez persisted. Over six months, he tirelessly perfected the recipe until the cake could gracefully bear the weight of the chocolate. Thus, Chocoramo was born – a product that would not only lead the market but also become the crown jewel in Ramo’s legacy.

Chocoramo quickly found its way into the hearts of Colombians. Over the years, it became Ramo’s most iconic product and a driving force behind the company’s success. Its popularity soared, with a staggering 219 million Chocoramos sold each year. Chocoramo’s reach also extended beyond Colombia’s borders, captivating taste buds in countries like Australia and the United States.

Diversification and Legacy

In addition to Chocoramo, Ramo has diversified its portfolio, offering a wide range of products, including tostacos, maicitos, achiras, platanitos, and cookies. The story of Chocoramo stands as a testament to how a small family enterprise can blossom into a national treasure.

Through unwavering dedication, a passion for cooking, and a commitment to innovation, Ramo has captured the hearts of Colombians and left an enduring legacy in the country’s food industry. Chocoramo, with its harmonious blend of cake and chocolate, will continue to be a beloved treat in Colombian households for generations to come. It is a testament to love, tradition, and the sweet spirit of innovation that characterizes Colombian cuisine.

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