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Colombia Wins Roller Skating World Championship


Colombia Roller Skating Championship
With these outstanding performances, Colombia has now accumulated a total of 27 gold medals, 8 silver, and 11 bronze at the Roller Skating World Championship. Credit: Twitter/@OlimpicoCol

The Colombian Roller Skating Team made history this Saturday by adding an impressive haul of medals to its already outstanding collection at the Roller Skating World Championship held in Italy.

With one gold, two silver, and one bronze medal, the Colombian team not only stood out in the competition but also secured its undisputed title as the king of this discipline in advance, reaching the incredible milestone of 20 world championships, with thirteen of them consecutively.

The most outstanding achievement of the day was the gold won by Geiny Pajaro, who became the champion in the 100-meter track event. Pajaro showcased her speed and skill on the track, crossing the finish line first and raising the Colombian team to the highest point of the podium.

However, the Colombian team’s feats did not stop there. Sheila Muñoz and Loraine Barros excelled by winning silver medals in the same 100-meter track event. Their performance was impressive, and their teamwork was clearly evident as they shared the podium with Pajaro.

Kiara Vasquez contributed to the team’s success by winning a bronze medal in the same competition, adding another accolade for Colombia on this thrilling day.

Andres Jimenez, one of the standout world champions who has shone in Italy, attributes the achieved success to the tireless work and dedication of the roller skaters and coaches in this sport.

Jimenez emphasizes that while they undoubtedly possess talent, a significant part of their triumph is the result of hard work and constant effort. “We have talent, but we have also invested a significant amount of effort. Our focus has been exceptional, marked by a dedication and a very high level of demand, which has led us to conquer victory. Our rivals are highly competitive and have put up a fierce fight, but we have managed to surpass them, which fills us with immense joy,” commented the athlete, who joins the list of medalists from the Tricolor team.

Colombia’s Roller Skating Dominance

With these outstanding performances, Colombia has now accumulated a total of 27 gold medals, eight silver, and eleven bronze at the Roller Skating World Championship, an achievement that fills the entire country with pride. The dedication, effort, and passion of Colombian roller skaters have once again been evident, solidifying the country’s status as a global powerhouse in this sport.

This Sunday, September 3rd, the competition will continue with the respective marathons for the women’s and men’s categories. Of course, the Colombian team is a strong contender to continue accumulating medals, making this title even more impressive.

After the conclusion of the tournament in Italy, the delegation consisting of 29 individuals will return to Colombian territory to receive a grand tribute at the headquarters of the Colombian Olympic Committee. This tribute is a well-deserved recognition for Colombia’s twentieth championship title in the world games and a celebration of the excellence and tireless effort of Colombian roller skaters.

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